Sharing knowledge and creating opinion



The 100 Group



Sharing knowledge and creating opinion

The 100 Group is a network where all types of actors within the interior industry are represented. Our members have extensive expertise of different steps in the value chain and through network meetings and seminars we share our knowledge and inspire each other. We offer a platform for networking and experience exchange, in order to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and circular future.

We continuously work to develop and share our knowledge with other actors in the industry through participation in research and development projects, conferences, seminars and lectures at companies, as well as through articles in industry magazines and the daily press.

The industry is developing fast and in order to help keep us on the right track we are engaged in creating opinion and driving debate.

The 100Group organizes several seminars per year, covering different topics relevant for sustainable development of the industry. Some of the latest breakfast seminars include:

- The launch of the digital requirements standard for a climate-neutral future. Date: 19 April 2023. Type of event: hybrid. The seminar's organized in cooperation with National guidelines, RED Management,COreSource and Tengbom. For more information and registration read here

- Spinning the wheel - From linear to circular. Date: 9February 2023. Type of event: in person. The event was organized in cooperation with Stockholm Furniture Fair and many of the 100 Group members. More information can be found here.

- This is how we will be affected by EU climate policy in the interior design industry. Date: 29 September 2022. Type of event:hybrid. The event was organized in cooperation with TMF, RISE and WASA Kredit and Tengbom. More information can be found here.

- Light, air & nature – the key to a restorative office environment. Date: 14 September 2022. Type of event: Hybrid. The event was organized in cooperation with VVS Byrån, NAAVA and Signify. More information can be found here.

- Climate-smart and health-friendly solutions for the interior design industry. Date: 13 October 2021. Type of event: hybrid. The event was organized in cooperation with Bioinnovation, Kungsleden, SwedishWood, RISE and Bjerking. More information can be found here

Sharing the results of research and development projects

Many of our members are engaged in research and development projects. Some of them are:

- Re:invent & Re:make hackathon – a Re:Source funded project carried out in 2017, led by LINK Arkiktetur in cooperation with many members of the 100 Group. Two hackathons were carried out, one in Stockholm and one in Malmö. They resulted in both new companies and development of circular business models of our members. Project results are published here.

- Circular interiors – potential and solutions for increased reuse of interior design products – A Vinnova funded project, led byIVL Swedish Environmental Research institute in cooperation with several members of the 100 Group. We investigated the environmental, resource and waste potentials from reuse and reconditioning of interior products. Results are published here.

-  Systematic management of sustainability requirements throughout the entire construction process – A Smart Built Environment funded project led by Bjerking. The 100 Group participated in the project’s SteeringGroup. The project focused on developing a prototype for a standard regarding digital information exchange of sustainability requirements and compliance declarations. The project collaborated with National guidelines, phase 3.

In connection with the project, a training course has been developed where one can learn more about structuring requirements information. The digital course can be found free of charge here. For more information about the project, project partners and the final report please see here.

-  Systematic information exchange for circular business models, A Smart Built environment funded project led by Bjerking. The 100 Group participated in project’s Steering Group. Project’s overall purpose was to enable improved interoperability between actors operating in the circular economy of the civil engineering industry. The purpose of the project was to concretely demonstrate how a standard can look and function, by testing its usefulness in real situations. The project also provided synergies for other industries with corresponding challenges in waste management, recycling and reuse, for example the furniture and interior design industry. Read more about the project here

-  Business model innovation for circular furniture flows– Step 3. The project was led by RISE and finalized in 2019. Many of ourmembers were project partners whereas the 100 Gruoup was part of the project’sreference group.  Project's vision was to make the Swedish furniture industryinternationally recognized and show how a large-scale transition to a circulareconomy can be implemented in practice. Read more about the project here.


Let’s build a circular and sustainable interior industry together before 2030.