We are an association that is driven by our common drive and genuine interest in helping the interior design industry change to a sustainable, circular and climate-neutral future.

The 100 Group is a platform for collaboration within the interior design industry. We are dedicated to leading the industry towards a climate-neutral, circular, and equitable future while fostering growth and innovation within the planetary boundaries. Our vision is a sustainable and circular interior design industry that will become climate-neutral by 2030.

We work with; Research and development. Monitoring trends, new laws and regulations. Engaging early adopters and industry leaders. Supporting implementation. Driving opinion and knowledge dissemination.

Our committed members are producers, suppliers, buyers, interior designers, architects, rental companies, property companies, retailers, renovation companies, sustainability consultants and organizations that certify and set various sustainability requirements. We welcome more members who want to contribute to the creation of a circular and sustainable interior market.
Membership Fee
The 100 Group Association: 1500 kr / year
The 100 Group Service Company :

Prisbasbelopp (pbb) 2024: 57 300 kr

Revenue: 0 - 25  mkr 1/30 pbb = 1 910 kr / year
Revenue: 25 - 500  mkr 1/15 pbb = 3 820 kr / year
Revenue: 500+ mkr  1/10 pbb = 5 730 kr / year.

We believe in strong partnerships