Partnerships and cooperation





Partnerships and cooperation

The 100 Group is sustainability partner of the Stockholm Furniture Fair (SFF). It is a long-term investment in sustainability for both the fair and the100 Group with a focus on strengthening and clarifying SFF's sustainability-work and contributing to fulfilling SFF's vision of becoming the world's most sustainable furniture fair.

The 100 Group participates in the Building user group within GS1 where standards are developed and maintained. Through participation in the user group, we can participate and influence the standards and processes that are developed. With the help of GS1 standards, operators in the construction industry can, among other things, create order in warehouses and stores, or find information about the same product in several different databases.

The 100 Group has cooperation with the Center for Circular Construction, often called CCBUILD. CCBUILDis an arena where industry players meet and collaborate on reuse and circular material flows during construction, demolition and management of circular buildings. CCBUILD is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and is developed in broad collaboration with various actors in the building sector. CCBUILD was developed within Vinnova's program Challenge-driven innovation(Utmaningsdriven innovation, UDI) stage 3. It offers networks, knowledge and digital services that strengthen the market for circular products and services in the construction and real estate sector. Read more about CCBUILD here


Let’s build a circular and sustainable interior industry together before 2030.