The 100 Group become the winner of Maktlistan 2022 by the magazine Rum

The magazine Rum has named the 100 Group the most powerful player in architecture and design in 2022 in Sweden.

"The editors of the magazine Rum, Lisa Marie Mannfolk and Cecilia Öfverholm, together with Stefan Nilsson, Jonas Pettersson, Camilla Schlyter and a secret mole, have listed the 100 most powerful in Architecture and Design in Sweden. Welcome to this year's Maktlistan."

"For change to happen, someone has to take the lead. Someone has to set the bar. But doing it alone is not easy. The 100 Group wants to create a joint change and the vision is a circular and sustainable interior design industry that will be climate neutral in 2030. We wish there were a hundred 100 Groups, but we are content with this one. It is still the best — and thus the most powerful in the industry!" — Magazine Rum

Read the article with Ivana Kildsgaard, Chairman of the Board at the 100 Group, HERE (in Swedish).


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